laundry viewer

Team: Chua Yun Da, Horatio James Ho, Jaime Koh, Nod Nawat Bunnag, Shardul Sapkota
August 2019

I started this project after having to wait too long for the laundry machines in my dorm to free up. The goal was to monitor the status of laundry machines in real-time using LED sensors so students could check the availabilities of the machines online before coming down to the laundry room.

I conceptualized, implemented, and evaluated the system by coordinating a team of 5. The LED sensor was connected to a wemos d1 mini controller which streamed the sensor readings via wifi. The readings were then processed to determine the status of the machines and update the website. The sensor cover was designed to be modular for easy replacement of the batteries.

Yale-NUS Newsroom.

Tools: Arduino, Python, Javascript